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E.V.I.L oh No
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in The Fortress of E.V.I.L., a faction on Videoland M's LiveJournal:

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
12:50 am
E.V.I.L. School
This idea's been getting bounced around a fair bit lately within Brat Pack and E.V.I.L. at large; I personally think that it's an awesome plan that we really should implement (despite the fact that I'd be stuck as the nerd everyone would beat up for extra credit.)

For anyone who hasn't heard about this already, or can't guess from the title, the idea is this: Somewhere within the Fortress political structure, someone - likely either Mother Brain or one of Brat Pack's Old Fogeys - decides that it's high time for us evil children to be educated in the basics of Villainy, and starts up a school for us, with classes taught by elder Villains. This school would, of course, have its little evil quirks and twists: cheating on tests is encouraged (as long as you can do it without being caught); stealing lunch money is rewarded, not punished; burning Elfland is a perfectly acceptable field trip; and of course, the classes are all properly evil-skewed (Kidnapping, Traps, Tactics, Dramatic Speech, and so on.) Classes would be help on an informal 'when we all feel like showing up' basis - hey, if a student doesn't want to go to class or a teacher doesn't feel like showing up to teach, what's stopping them? They're evil, after all!

After some discussion, we have determined that Belome will be the janitor, the cafeteria worker, the cooking instructor, a part-time student, the principal's secretary, the principal, and any other thankless jobs that nobody else wants. So, what I want to hear from everyone here is, 1) Do you think this is a good idea or not? 2) If not, what stops it from being good? (Or if you think it is a good idea, what changes, if any, might you suggest to make it even better?) 3) If we can make this happen, would you volunteer an alt to teach (and if so, what subject?)
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
10:15 am
I am a busy villian with little RP time! EEE! Well, here's what I currently have on the burners in terms of TPs or plots.

- Revenge With A Side of Humiliation: Bitchslap a curse onto Gameshark when he comes to attack me into a Chao. Then give him to LeBlanc and announce to VL at large what has happened to the Cheater. Sit back and watch the chaos that ensues. Currently waiting for a time when both Gameshark and I aren't busy, I guess.

- The Invincble: My airship. I really need to get around to causing some mayhem with it so the heroes have a -reason- to capture Dr. Fred and convince him what he did was a very BAD THING. Then he leaks weaknesses and the Heroes take down my flagship. Yay! If you have a Hero alt, _PLEASE_ talk to Dr. Fred Edison about the situation, since neither one of us can really go forward on the TP until he's redeemed.

- The Crystals: Hopefully Lich guest gets Lich, and then we'll have three villians to deal with the three Light Warriors. They want to take the crystals back, which is not a good thing for EVIL. Oh, and if you're looking for your next villain app, app Kraken or Kary. If you're looking for a hero alt, app Knight, Ninja, or Master. Currently on hold for some reason.

Now I have future plots as well...

- The Sword of Chaos: Maya brought this idea up. What if Garland grabbed the artifact weapon from the Septerra Core zone that belonged to the God of Chaos? MAYHEM, that's what! Garland would proceed to assault the palace with his army, and probably challenge Captain N to a one-on-one battle. I honestly don't -know- if I'd win that battle, but it'd make for an awesome scene!

- Airship Fleet & Military Assets: I have a copy of Angela's skyship plans, and I am ICly looking for a way to mass-produce the things. I may contact Rufus, Core Commander, or Gestahl in regards to this. This is a part of Garland's overall plan of building up his military assets. At some point he will start recruiting from other zones and add more varied units to his army.

- Antagonize Maya: In short, make an enemy of Maya.

- BURNINATE!: Burn Elfland.

Anyhoo... that's what I have lined up. It'll probably take me oh... several months to complete. Any other suggestions? :)
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
8:34 am
And for those wondering what the Comix Zone TP was...
(X-Posted from omgpowerpack by Young Link.)

Okay, you guys remember my Comix Zone idea from a few weeks back.. here's an update!

Turns out that Firewire recently lost her arm (not to mention Scotty, temporarily). This gives the Pack an opening to go after her holdings and do some serious damage. At the same time, Gameshark, who is wanting to woo Firewire away from Agent 3D0, wants to do something nasty to the Pack (who has Lloyd and Genis as members). So, after some brainstorming, the scenes are set. Three smaller scenes that all interconnect.

Scene 1 - The initial attack on Firewire, to break down her defenses. This will either bolster the Pack's morale, or make the situation more serious, depending on who wins. (1 night)

Scene 2 - Snow Crash in New York - Pack attacks again -- this time Firewire gets an unexpected ally - Gameshark. When he snow crashes in New York, it opens a warp and sends the assorted villains and heroes in the Comix Zone zone, where regular heroes and villains become SUPER heroes and villains. (1 night)

Scene 3 - The SUPER FINALE - With the assorted heroes and villains now trapped in the Comix Zone they must follow the storyline all the way through the book. Can the heroes prevent the villains from launching an attack that will destroy the Comx Zone? Can the villains wreak havoc like never before? Will Captain Hyrule (Young Link) and Element Lass (Paula) have a real date there? How will Princess Zelda look as Emma Frost?! (1 - 2 days)

Scene 4 - Aftermath - With the scenario over -- how will Comix Zone view the Palace and Fortress in the future? Will they be loyal to the Fortress because EVIL won? Will they side with the Palace? Will it remain a zone in flux? That's all up to how the Finale goes, but it will be felt throughout Videoland.

Scenes 2, 3, and 4 will be all tied together, but 1 can be done a few days beforehand. So.. what I want to know is how many people are interested. Remember, EVIL will be in on this (hopefully Firewire can get JE/Brat Pack involved)

Remember kids, this is a comic book area, so get those flashy outrageous comic book descriptions together.. and Ness, Paula, and YL must totally have the Wolverine, Phoenix, Cyclops vibe. :)

So, feel free to post feedback -- right now, Zelda's our N-Team tagalong for this mission -- and we may bring in outsiders.. I just don't want a giant inflated scene where confusion reigns and people get lost and confused.
Monday, February 28th, 2005
11:34 pm
Power Pack Idea
(Ness's post. Cross-posted from OMGPowerpack)

So we've had Power Switch....and it was good.

We're about to have Comix Zone....and it will be good, bub.

So what other kind of plot are super-powered youth hero teams notorious for? Why, the first-and-second-gen-heroes-switch-ages plot, of course! Many of us (Ness v. Mike, YL v. Link, Kevin v. Pocket) have obvious analogues with whom to switch, and we have been trying to work together bunches.

And above all it will drive people insane.

I see this taking place over the course of a week or so, at least. A Mysterious Temple appears in Hyrule, one no Link has ever seen before! The N-Team and Pack go to investigate and are ambushed by villains. GRR! In the course of the fight, a strange purple stone is damaged and a strange wind blasts over the heroes. The temple disappears in a flash of light, but this reveals that the older heroes have made young and young heroes made older! OH NOS!

Assorted wackiness ensues over the course of a week or so in which both groups try to adjust to their new roles.

What kind of wackiness, you ask?

Perhaps Raine forces the N-Team into a classroom at some point while the Power Pack gets trashed at a bar and taunts them over channels.

Perhaps the Power Pack takes N-Team vehicles out for a spin while the N-Team attacks the X-Team in a pillow fight to the death.

Perhaps the heavily-muscled Keiji will try to mack in on some hawt Princess action. Perhaps uncomfortable sexual tension between Paula and Young Link will ensue.

Only time (and a seriously contrived set of circumstances) will tell!

In the final climactic scene, the temple reappears in flux, and it's a race to secure or destroy the stone! The race to repair the stone culminates in a four-way brawl between the N-Team, X-Team, Power Pack and Brat Pack. Will the heroes be restoresd to their rightful age, or will EVIL win the day, trapping the heroes in their new bodies forever?

Or, for that matter, will the aged or young heroes even /WANT/ to change back?

(This plot has been approved by the Comics Code Authority)

(To those of you in the N-Team or Power Pack /and/ EVIL, or, zounds, all three....oh well. Hey, I'm evil.)
Saturday, February 26th, 2005
5:31 pm
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Yo! As y'all may or may not know, EVIL is on a program of expansion. There are a few reasons, but it comes down to me noticeing that we didn't have many forts, towns, and other holdings outside of our secret evil bases. Which no one really wants to lose-so, I wanted places to tell the PoP to go to when they ask, "Okay, where can we hit?". The secureing of the area, construction, defense, and eventual fall of any of these fort-cities makes for a decent chain of scenes, and something a little different from just raiding.

Right now, we have New Maridia in Sarasaland, New Crateria in the Asteroid Belt, and Andross's colony on SR-388. So, my question is, what other Constested or PoP-controled areas do you think we could slap a neat fort down on? Any ideas for unique, plot-generateing forts? Anything you just really want to try because its cool? Lay it on me.
Thursday, February 24th, 2005
10:43 pm
It's quiet. Too quiet.

In an effort to slightly increase the livelihood of this place, I invite you to share with us the answer to the following question.


Wether it's actually happened ICly doesn't matter. The one with the evillest deed to its name will be awarded a trophy made entirely out of beefaroni, provided that Belome doesn't eat it first. I will begin...

Belome: "I went to the grocery store, and I didn't pay. I ate the cashier instead. Then, I saw a puppy, and since I wasn't too hungry, I just kicked it. But I didn't even think twice about it."

Your turn.

Monday, February 14th, 2005
4:37 pm

Sunday, February 13th, 2005
12:49 am
Destruction Derby
Okay, EVIL. I'm needing help with a points system for this.

I'm thinking:

1 point per building damaged.

2 per hero wounded.

5 per building destroyed.

7 per hero KOed.

10+ for special stunts.

Any opinions and/or other ideas?

[EDIT: Switched hero wounded and building destroyed values.]
Friday, February 11th, 2005
11:12 pm
Fresh Spoils Of War!
Well, with Princess Points working well, I'm (evily) thinking of (evil) awards to give to exceptionaly not-nice acts of, well, evil. No real benefit outside of prestige and +1 Status in Elysium, or whatever, but fun. Mother Brain awards medals and decorations, but anyone may recomend someone for an award, with Mother Brain's judgement being final. Formerly, the most senior villains agreed on who would be decorated, but after an impassioned sixteen hour speech by Spark Man on how Dr. Wily deserved every medal in E.V.I.L.'s roles of honor, and to have several more orders and decorations created for him and him alone, it was universialy decided that Mother Brain have the final say.

Here are some ideas.
The A+ Series: For general service and inititive.
The Bronze A+: First few years in E.V.I.L., depending on activity.
The Silver A+: Several years as an active, forward thinking member of E.V.I.L.
The Gold A+: Reserved for founding villains, and exceptional sacrafices for the cause.
Additions: You can earn extra brass +s, an unlimited amount, for the sacrafice of important resources or land for the greater good of E.V.I.L., expanding E.V.I.L.'s membership, and other general faction-friendly actions.

The :( series: For exceptional actions.
The Turquoise :( :For valor above and beyond the call of duty.
The Ruby :( :For a string of victories, or other sucesses that add to E.V.I.L.'s might considerably.
The Onyx :( :Sacraficing one's direct health, either dieing or being crippled, to protect the lives of fellow Villains. Only rewarded when its an actual sacrafice, and not something the villain can laugh off after a few mushrooms.
Additions: A brass, bronze, silver, or gold >, added to the front of the medal, for repetedly exceptional acts in each :( medal's catagory.

Anyone else have any ideas?
1:08 pm
Plot Ideas III
Welcome to Capitalism

Johnson Enterprises begins quietly buying power plants and providers of light sources throughout Videoland. Soon afterwards, EVIL launches a plan to put sattelites into the sky and conjure dark magics where proper in order to BLOCK OUT THE SUN. Combined with the morale hit, Johnson Enterprises then adds injury to insult by jacking up the prices for power and light sources.

I Am Spartacus

Take an infamous Villain. Any one of sufficient renown would do. Attack someplace. At the same time, the Villain is also reported at another location, and another, and another, and another... And we have dozens of the Villain attacking places all over Videoland, culminating in a Burly Brawl-esque clone assault on a location... Where it is then revealed that it was a bunch of Villains disguised as that particular one.

Current Mood: amused
12:03 pm
Plot Ideas II

Through cunning use of forbidden and unholy technology, EVIL temporarily gains complete control of Videoland's general communications. Television, radio, the works. And what does EVIL do with it?

Put King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard on a 24-hour telethon, of course. With EVIL guest stars showing up throughout the day to cause pain, outrage, and insanity, the Heroes will get to thrill along to the wonders of HIPPOVISION!

Seeds of Evil

Eggplant Wizard (or another plant-inspired Villain) wanders Videoland, planting seeds and starting up gardens in many Zones. Inclined Villains also assist in the creation, care, and maintenance of the gardens. However, one night under a full moon... The plants suddenly become GIANT EVIL PLANT MONSTERS, who rampage around the Zones! The Heroes will probably see this coming, but can they destroy all of the gardens to prevent it? Unlikely!

The Mother Virus

There's a lot of annoying Heroically-inclined AI in Videoland. So why not design a super mutating virus to deal with them? Start it off in DenCity, creating a massive viral core that creates and spawns viruses to attack Heroic AI and Palace networks. Hell, make it look like 8-Bit Mother Brain for S&Gs, and call it 'The Mother Virus'. We could use some unholy hybrid of Gospel and Alpha in the design too.

Current Mood: accomplished
11:51 am
Plot Ideas

A new drink is released into Videoland. Addictive and refreshing, the drinks also gradually increase the consumer's irritability and aggresiveness! Coming in flavors such as (Phazon) Frost, (Valkyr) Rush, and (Drive) Time, can the Palace figure out what's going on before a large amount of Videoland decides to make Haterade a regular staple of their diet? Johnson Enterprises would be in a prime position for manufacturing and distribution through shell companies.

The Meme War
(partially inspired by A Miracle of Science)

Memes are dangerous things. Look at how the harmless ones spread through Livejournal, let alone real life. Those advertising jingles (Have you had your break today)? Memes. In Videoland, where the fantastic happens regularly, carefully-constructed memetic complexes could be spread among the people, generating certain diabolical effects. Through books, music, and movies, these can be subtly or even not-so-subtly spread, potentially causing mass havoc and hysteria as people fall prey to the memetics...


- Mad Scientist
- Evil Overlord
- Fangirl/Fanboy
- Beautiful Lunatic
- King Hippo
- Pyromaniac
- (If we want to get significantly darker) Serial Killer

When various formerly normal Vidizens (and maybe even some willing Heroes) begin showing signs of these archetypes, what will the Palace do to stop it? Depending on the vector, any number of groups could get involved.

More to come...

Current Mood: accomplished
10:23 am
"Captain's Log, Stardate 2845.1039.59282.0128933.64 beta championship gold edition turbo mach 3 EX.

It's quiet. Too quiet. And the Couch of EVIL shows no signs of Hippo infestation, nor has Eggplant Wizard tried to take up gardening using the pile of junk in the corner as a compost heap yet..."

Hi folks. Gameshark here. I plan to post a few of my preliminary ideas in the comm for general use or review. :D

Current Mood: amused
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